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What is Plant Healthcare?

The International Society of Arboriculture defines Plant Healthcare as a comprehensive program to manage the health, structure, and appearance of plants and trees in the landscape. Once your trees have endured repeated stress or disease, it becomes more difficult bring the tree into a recovery state. Our mission is to educate our clientele to spot common symptoms of decline before recovery is not an option. Preventative services can help boost and maintain the health of your tree for years to come.

Why Hire an Arborist?

When trees are showing symptoms of decline, an arborist can inspect, evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe a plan of action to get your tree on a path to recovery. Your arborist will start with a visual inspection of all aspects of your tree, including the leaves, trunk & branch structure, soil, and overall environment. All of this information will determine the health of your tree and aid your arborist in determining a proper course of action to improve the health and vitality of your tree.

Soil Analysis

We want to get to the root of the problem! A professional laboratory soil analysis can give us a deeper insight of organic matter, nutrient content and pH levels in the soil surrounding your trees. Based on the soil analysis, your arborist can prescribe a soil amendment plan tailored to your tree’s specific needs. Establishing a healthy soil and root system enables your tree to access the nutrients and water needed to thrive.


Just like us, every tree is different and will have different needs. A comprehensive soil analysis will give us insight on the nutrients your tree is lacking. We can customize your fertilizers to supplement the organic matter, minerals & nutrients, and beneficial bacteria needed to ensure your tree has the optimal growing environment.

Insect & Disease Management

Preventative care is crucial to ensuring a small issue doesn’t become a major problem for your trees. Left untreated, insects and disease can quickly turn your tree and shrub assets into a liability. Our arborists can monitor your trees for symptoms of disease and infestation. We offer a full range of treatment options to help your trees not only recover but thrive.

Risk Assessment

The safety of your property and loved ones is our top priority. Tree risk assessment is crucial to ensuring the safety of you and those around you. Our highly trained and educated arborists can determine the likelihood of failure combined with potential consequences to assign a risk rating to your tree. From there, a mitigation plan can be recommended to lower the risk rating to a more acceptable level. We adhere to the industry standard guidelines for risk assessment (ANSI A300n – Part 9 – American National Standard for Tree, Shrub, and Other Wood Plant Management).